Month: January 2019

High Loot Locations In PUBG

High Loot Locations In PUBG : Have you tired of finding high level,high damaging loots or you are looking for the best loot location in PUBG.Then this article is for you.Follow all the steps and location mentioned in the article to get High Percentage Loot. High Loot Location In PUBG   If Erengel is your …

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Where to find flare gun

Where to find flare gun: The PUBG flare gun is a special weapon that gives a chance to get some rare and powerful drops.This flare Gun guide help you to understand what is flare gun,how flare gun works and where you can find the flare gun.And the described information is tested.So it will help you …

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Best Machine Guns In PUBG

Best Machine Guns In PUBG: Machine Guns are best for close range and Mid range combat.If you are looking for the best Machine Guns in PUBG the this article is for you.Here you will get the rank wise Machine Guns names and their ammo names.The Damage power,Magazine capacity,Range,Bullet Speed and Fire Rates all discussed bellow. …

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PUBG Best Assault Riffles

PUBG Best Assault Riffles : M416: M416 is one of the best and easy to use assault rifle in PUBG.It has decent amount of damage power and it accepts almost every attachment. M416 Effective in all situations in PUBG with high firepower. Equip all attachments to increase damage & usability. GROZA: Groza is a rare drop found …

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Realme C1 Review

Realme C1 Review Realme is becoming the biggest competitor of Xiaomi moblis.It’s dominate each and every mobile released by Xiaomi.Realme C1 is one of the latest launch by Realme and It really have good specification to compete with other manufactures mid range phones. If you want a low budget phone with a good specification and …

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What is ls command in linux?

What is ls command in linux? ls is a linux command that used for listing directory and folders. If you use ls comand it will list the folders and directories of folders.

Features of linux

Features of linux: The linux is a flavor of Unix.So its offer all the feature that Unix has.There are various linux varients known as linux distributions.Ubuntu,Fedora,Open Suse,Linux mint are some of the examples. The best feature of linux is that it is open source operating system. Linux is powerfull,flexible and very light weight program. It …

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