Best Guns For Sniping In PUBG

Best Guns For Sniping In PUBG:

If you are traped in a location or the enemy is pretty far away from you then sniping is the best option.PUBG offers many good and powerful weapons that makes advantage in the game.If you want to know about the weapons then read this article.

If you are looking for the best sni[ping gun then this article is recommended for you.

Awm is one of the most powerful weapon in PUBG.But it is a rare weapon and only found in air drops.But if you are lucky you will get it in the air dropsWith a combination of scope it will be the game changer in any match.Awm is very powerfull even it can penetrate a level 3 Helmet and Vest.Thats why Awm is the first choice for Pro players.

M24 is one of best damaging and players favorite weapon.It has the power to change the game any time.But it not comes with a pre loaded scope.So you have to load the scope manually.
The M24 Can only get through supply drops. A more powerful version of Kar98K.

MINI 14:
The Mini 14 is not as powerful as other marksman rifles but is easy to use & has low recoil.But with a scope it will really help a player to clear the enemies.
Mini 14 is easy to handle weapon and with a low recoiling time it really helpful for faster moves.

The kar98K is one of the best sniper gun.It is the lower version of M24.But have a pretty good damage power.

Many player recommend this for sniping.With a scope it is really a good choice to clear the enemy.

This marksman rifle has large DPS and rapid fire rate but has high recoil.It has the ability to help the player to clear enemy.

It is not as powerful as M24 or Kar98k but with the large rapid fire rate it realy helpful in the game.Just load the scope and really for a sniping game.

If are talked about the sniper gun than one name is always come to your mind is VSS.The VSS is the real sniping weapon that comes peloaded scope and gives the player a very good grip.

It is one of the best sniping weapon and it is easy to handle and easy to load gun.It is really helpful for airming it the enemy is far away.But is is not as powerful as AWM or M24.But if you are a beginner or never spend tiem for sniping in the PUBG then this gun is the best choice for you.

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