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Best Machine Guns In PUBG

Best Machine Guns In PUBG:

Machine Guns are best for close range and Mid range combat.If you are looking for the best Machine Guns in PUBG the this article is for you.Here you will get the rank wise Machine Guns names and their ammo names.The Damage power,Magazine capacity,Range,Bullet Speed and Fire Rates all discussed bellow.

Best Ranked Machine Guns :

#1 M249 : The M249 is a light Gachine Gun.It has 100-bullet magazine so you can shoot all you can! Reloading is long so reload when out of combat.

#2 Micro Uzi :The Micro Uzi is a Submachine Gun.
The Uzi is a Powerful in short range combat. Equip an extended magazine for sustainability
#3 Vector : The Vestor is a Submachine Gun.
It Has low magazine capacity so equip an extended magazine to increase sustainability
#4 DP-28 :The DP-28  is  Light Machine Gun
It has a Low recoil with a big magazine capacity. Slow reload speed but attachments are unnecessary to be effective.
#5 Tommy Gun : The Tommy Machine gun is a Submachine Gun.
Has fast fire rate and not as powerful in mid-long range combat, utilize in short range fights.
#6 UMP9 : The UMP9 is a Submachine Gun.
Can be used as an alternative to an Assault Rifle. Has low fire power but also very stable due to low recoil.
Weapon              |  Ammo  | Damage    | Mag Capacity   | Range    | Bullet Speed  | Fire Rates  |
__________ |______|______ | __________|______|__________|________|
M249            5.56       44          100               100-500     915       0.075s
UZI                9mm     23           25                 100-200    350       0.048s
Vector           .45         31          13                 50-50        300        0.055s
Dp-28            7.62      49           47                   ?              ?             ?
Tommy Gun .45         38           100              100-200     280       0.086s
UMP9             9mm    35            30                 100-200    400       0.092s
Hope this article will help you.When you find machine guns in Pubg and need to understand which one is better just remember this article information.If you like this article and find it helpful then share it with your crew or clan and friends.To get more article like this bookmark and subscribe to us.
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