PUBG Gas Can

PUBG New Feature Gas Can

PUBG new feature is live now.The PUBG Gas Can is a new explosive.You can carry more than on Gas Can. Here is the official Video   Features: Added strategic elements to the Gas Can, an item that used to be seen to have few advantages to loot. As soon as Gas Can explodes, it will […]

PUBG new vehicle BRDM

PUBG New Vehicle BRDM:Know More

PUBG has launched there new vehicle BRDM.The PUBG new BRDM vehicle has lots of advantages.It is powerful,flexible and a have hard body for protection.Most importantly it also have some drawbacks.It’s not allowed return fire,quite slow and can be down by heavy attacks by enemies. Read more for getting a complete overview of the this PUBG […]

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PUBG’s Latest Content Release |New Features and Vehicles Now Available On Live Servers

PUBG’s Latest Content Release |New Features and Vehicles Now Available On Live Servers: Playerunknown’s battlegrounds announced new update.This update features two new vehicle for Viekndi,improved Replay Editor functionality, and of course – the long awaited return of the Flare Gun, which will now spawn on all maps as rare loot.Read the full article to get […]

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PUBG Introduce New Vehicle Zima For Vikendi

PUBG Introduce New Vehicle Zima For Vikendi : Playerunknown’s Battleground has introduced their new feature taht is new vehicle for for Vikendi.PUBG has already introduce lot of new feature for Vikendi.Now they plan for a new vehicle name Zima. Introducing the Zima, a 4-person vehicle coming exclusively to Vikendi.It may have a lower top speed […]


PUBG Introduce New Attachment -Canted Sight

PUBG Introduce New Attachment -Canted SightPlayerunknown’s BattleGround introduce new attachment that is Canted Sight.The new attachment is available on Vikendi Map. Canted Sight allows users to quickly switch between the 1x Canted Sight and your normal upper rail sight. This gives users a direct advantage when switching between ranged and close quarters combat as they […]