What is ls command in linux?

What is ls command in linux? ls is a linux command that used for listing directory and folders. If you use ls comand it will list the folders and directories of folders.

Features of linux

Features of linux: The linux is a flavor of Unix.So its offer all the feature that Unix has.There are various linux varients known as linux distributions.Ubuntu,Fedora,Open Suse,Linux mint are some of the examples. The best feature of linux is that it is open source operating system. Linux is powerfull,flexible and very light weight program. It …

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What is shell?

What is shell? The shell is the utility that processes your request.When you type in a command at your terminal,the shell interprets the command and calls the program that you want.the shell uses standard syntax for all commands.C shell,Bourne shell and Korn shell are the most famous shells which are available with most of the …

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What is kernel?

What is kernel? The kernel is the heart of the operating system.It interacts with the hardware and most of  the tasks like memory management,task scheduling and file management.

What is linux?

What is linux? The linux operating system is a program that act as a link between the computer and user. The computer programs that allocate the system resources and coordinate all the detail of the computers internals is called the operating system. Users communicate with the kernel through a program known as the shell.The shell …

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