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PUBG Update 1.5 IGNITION Update




PUBG mobile ignition update

PUBG Update 1.5 Ignition is live now. You can update your PUBG Mobile to get many new features.

This is a major update by PUBG mobile. In this new PUBG new Update PUBG brings all new game-play,items and loads of exciting content.

We have discussed all the new updates and features of PUBG 1.5 update.The Ignition Mission is the latest update of the PUBG Mobile. You can access this new mode via EvoGround. It is a new technological battlefield.

The technology and energy company, DynaHex, is implementing long-term technological transformations on Erangel.They wish to use Erangel as an experimental base for their latest scientific research.

You can access this mode through EvoGround and experience a new Erangel, transformed by technology. Erangel gets a second makeover in Mission Ignition. The Map is changed by Technological Buildings. There are Six new modified major areas in the Map.

The new settings offers an ball new gaming experience. In the new dynamic battleground you can set traps during battle,diversifying your battle tactics.

PUBG ignition new vehicle

First of all vehicles have undergone a series of innovations,and along side new items. It will allow you quickly to traverse in the map.

The Erangel also has a Tesla Gigafactory. It will provide autonomous driving and transportation throughout the Island.

Take the Model Y for fully automated spin. You can receive variety of supplies from the Semi.

New weapon and attachment added to the Mission Ignition. We have discussed more about this new PUBG weapon and attacment in details.

Here is some of the new features and updates of PUBG Update.

PUBG 1.5 Update –

  • Search for future technology in Mission Ignition
  • Explore the Tesla Gigafactory
  • Fight to the top with new firearms and vehicles
  • Comprehensive improvements for a refreshing and enjoyable experience
  • Major changes to the Royale Pass! Get more rewards faster and for less.

PUBG MOBILE will start pushing out updates on July 9 to improve players’ gaming experience. This update will not take the server offline. Android devices require 686 MB of storage space for this update.

It requires 1.64 GB for iOS. It is important to note that players on different versions are unable to team up with each other, so please update as soon as possible.

Here is more details about PUBG new update.

PUBG 1.5 Transformation Of Erangel Map –

This new PUBG Update has transformed six major areas of Erangel based on military defense, energy utilization, transportation and logistics, and cutting-edge scientific research.

PUBG ignition new locations

Transit Center (previously Pochinki)

Erangel’s transport network is centered at Pochinki, which has now become the island’s transit center. This will be the site of a high-tech station and associated transportation system. Experience an all-new transportation experience using the city bus as a mobile cover.

Port of Georgopol (previously Georgopol)

Georgepol will be able to maximize its logistics port advantages with the introduction of a brand-new central command center and a fully automated warehouse, enhancing the efficiency and performance of its logistics facility.

Tech Center (previously the School)

The former school area now focuses more on academic research and cutting-edge exploration. A display of cutting-edge technology and scientific research results will take place at this exhibit. Here you will find multiple paths and structures, as well as a number of different ways to engage in battle.

Security Center (previously the Military Base)

The Military Base performs security functions for the entire island and provides armed support. There are monitoring and response facilities across the island.

Logistics Agency (previously Yasnaya Polyana)

Yasnaya Polyana is the location of the Logistics Agency, an important distribution center for supplies coming into Erangel. Supplies transported to Erangel from the port will be classified, checked, and distributed from out here.

Energy Center (previously Mylta Power)

This organization generates energy for all of Erangel and contributes to the sustainable use of energy for civil and military buildings on the island by combining conventional power generation with cutting-edge technology.

PUBG 1.5 New Weapons –

New Firearm ASM Abakan

The ASM Abakan fires 5.56mm rounds and has three firing modes: full-auto, two-shot burst, and single-shot.

Ergonomic Grip –

Grip attachments can greatly improve the handling of firearms, enhance vertical/horizontal recoil control, and accelerate recoil recovery.

PUBG ignition new weapons

Muzzle Brake –

This muzzle attachment can effectively reduce bullet scattering and control recoil.

Drum Magazine –

Magazine attachments can be installed on all rifles and significantly increase magazine capacity at the cost of more time spent reloading.

Mission Ignition New Vehicle –

Anti-gravity Motorcycle –

Anti-gravity Motorcycles have seats for two and can be used to travel conveniently across the map with ease.

Mission Ignition New Items –

Tactical Marking Device –

This technologically advances item spawns in matches. After it is equipped, it automatically marks the position of enemies that have been hit and also displays the status of teammates on the mini-map when they are engaging.

Riot Shield –

Tap to deploy a Riot Shield with durability that can block all bullets.

Mission Ignition new Gameplay System –

Dynamic Elements –

Lifts, automatic doors, and other moving platforms will appear in the upgraded urban area.​

HyperLines –

HyperLines on Erangel have been set up to connect the various cities of the island in order to make travel on the island more efficient. It allow players to move between fixed locations at certain times and take advantage of these characteristics to employ more tactics.

Air Conveyor –

The Command Center uses this special transport device outside some urban areas and bases to speed up the travel and patrols of security personnel.

PUBG Mission Ignition’s Unique Features –

Spawn Island Holographic Display –

Spawn Island now features a holographic display showing the map and flight path of the current match, as well as the markers placed by players.

Jump Marker –

During the flight and jump phases, players can directly tap on the map to place markers. A column of light indicates the location of the marker, and the destination name appears in the air above it.

Auto-Parachute –

A feature has been added that allows players to automatically parachute to marked locations after this feature has been enabled. The latest PUBG update also includes some new PUBG Mobile content.

There are now flight animations showing where missiles will explode before they explode in air raids in PUBG Mobile.

A new indicator is added to PUBG to indicate the approximate location of grenades near players who are about to explode. Additionally, PUBG has added new in-game features.

New Quick Wheel –

To make it easier to use Throwables and Consumables, new wheels have been added. Use the Consumable/Throwable icon to open the wheel and switch between items.

This feature can be enabled from the settings menu. To use Quick Throw, hold the Throwable icon after enabling it. In the settings menu, you can enable the Quick Wheel Throw feature. Simply enable it and select the Throwable you’d like to throw after quickly swiping the wheel.

New Throwable Consumables –

Players can throw packages containing the meds they are carrying at close range. You can pick up thrown medications.

New Victory Statue –

You can summon a statue to celebrate your victory. A Win Statue can be summoned by the team’s MVP at any given location. In addition You can use special celebration Emotes near the Victory Statue.

New Victory Snaps –

After winning in classic mode, you can enter Photo Mode. The Photo Mode allows you to hide or show information about your teammates. After you take a photo, you can share it.

New Remaining Ammo Indicator –

Whenever a magazine is almost empty, the number indicating your remaining ammo will change color: When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow. When you have 10% ammo remaining, the number will turn red.

New Death Replay Data Display

There are now some public details when the Death Replay is played from the player who eliminated you. In the data, it is now possible to view accuracy-related information about firefights, such as how many times the player hit the opponent, as well as how many times the opponent hit the player.

Added a Report feature.The Death Replay can be enabled or disabled in the Settings.

Customized Firearm Settings –

Players can customize the attachments for each firearm and set different target attachments for different slots.

After the settings have been configured, the character will automatically pick up and equip these attachments when encountering them.

Specialized Firearm Sensitivity Customizations –

Players can configure customized sensitivity settings for each firearm, which will apply when they use the corresponding firearms.

New Teammate Engaging Notifications –

When a teammate takes damage, a notification will appear around their health bar to let them know they are in a battle.

This are the latest PUBG update that will give a user many new features.

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Best Linux Distros For Beginners




Best linux distros

Linux distros are made for beginner to advance users. This linux distros comes with different shapes and different sizes.Some distros weighing less than 100 MB. Some of them can installed in USB discs up to 4GB.Some linux distribution works best when installed on SSDs.

Also to top linux distros designed to appeal to a wide range of users. This can be customized according to individual needs. There are many special distros designed for specific purpose.Like linux for servers,security and desktop users. Linux have different flavorless and developed for different uses.

Want to Move from Windows? Looking for some flexible solution?Want to fix a old computer? Do you need a solution for server?Looking some Os for development? Want to use a firewall that will secure your network? Are you setting up a small home office?

No matter what you need,linux has a huge community to help.You can choose any distro for your specific work.

In this guide we will look at some of the best linux distros covered for specific tasks.

Best Linux Distros –


It might be a comment to incorporate Ubuntu on any “Best Linux distros for …” list. However, there is a reason for that. It is an excellent distro for just about any purpose, together with development. Its ability to cater to nearly anyone is what has propelled it into the sustained quality that it’s enjoyed for several years.

Ubuntu comes with everything a developer desires. And if there is one thing missing, it’ll be straightforward to put in with the APT package manager, computer code Center, or Snap package manager – all of that ar enclosed and enabled by default.

You can transfer either Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server, looking on the atmosphere wherever it will be deployed. Ubuntu Desktop additionally features a slew of “flavours” to settle on from, which permit you bespoke expertise right out of the box. However, the flagship transfer ships with GNOME, yet different downloads for KDE, LXQt, Budgie, MATE, and Xfce are also on the market. There is additionally Ubuntu Studio that comes preloaded with a lot of tools for video and music production. Miscalculation out the lineup is Ubuntu Kylin that has been optimized for Chinese users.

There’s one thing for everybody in Ubuntu. And convenience is the name of the sport. Grab a duplicate by heading over to Ubuntu’s web site and clicking “download” at the highest.

Features Of Ubuntu :

  • It Is Open Source
  • Ubuntu Offers thousand of apps to download.Most of them are free.
  • It supports Libra Office.Which is a open source office suit.
  • Ubuntu supports web browsers like Firefox,Chrome and other web browser.
  • Ubuntu comes with Thunderbird email application.
  • There are full of application for manage,edit and share photos.
  • There are application available for playing and editing videos.
  • It is easy to find content on on Ubuntu using smart searching facility.
  • It has a huge community for support.

Download Ubuntu –


If you’re taking your 1st steps in Linux operating system, you should begin your journey with Nitrux. The distro leverages on a number of the main stable and well-respected open supply comes like Ubuntu. Therefore, the KDE Plasma desktop and builds on them to form a distro that suits the sensibilities of recent UNIX operating system users.

For instance, rather than building custom desktop surroundings from scratch, Nitrux depends on KDE Plasma’s illustrious physical property and some redesigned parts to modify the progress for brand spanking new users. It offers a handful of layouts for the desktop to permit users to form the best use of the market screen realty.

Nitrux has administration apps to form tasks like firewall and backup work. It is approachable for inexperienced users. It has apps for every kind of desktop tasks.

The distro also supports and encourages the utilization of AppImages, making it easy to put in different apps. Nitrux plans to change all its graphical apps to AppImages eventually. All the AppImages are launched in an exceedingly firejail sandbox, that makes Nitrux safer out of the box than your typical desktop UNIX operating system.

The distro has an energetic community that you will move with on all the favoured social networks. However, the shortage of an obsessive documentation section may be a medication. Nitrux is out there for 64-bit computers solely. However, it can even boot on older machines with the gift BIOS and newer EFI machines.

Feaures Of Nitrux –

  • Nitrux OS is based on Ubuntu dev branch
  • It uses the latest KDE Plasma for its Nomad Desktop
  • Notification Center
  • It focus on universal packaging and hence uses Snap in the revamped software center.
  • Quick access to networks
  • Sort of rolling release model
  • A great selection of Open Source software

Download Nitrux –


System76, a hardware manufacturer, created Pop!_OS for implementation on their product. Previously, they’d ship their computers with Ubuntu put in. This was before they set to create their own spinoff of the software package.

Pop!_OS functions very like Ubuntu. However, the most distinction is that the overhauled desktop surroundings. Pop!_OS runs changed GNOME desktop surroundings, which has helped users manage their workflow.

A complete list of unparalleled conveniences would be too long to list. However, embody workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and window stacking.Once operating with it for some minutes, you will find windows and applications straightforward to manage and run simultaneously.

Pop additionally handles multi-monitor setups showing intelligence and permits you to manage windowed applications optimally. Pop!_OS may be an excellent alternative for developers that job on their computer for hours daily. The fluid graphic surroundings and packaged toolkits area unit unquestionably straightforward. Grab the most recent ISO installer pictures of Pop!_OS from the distro’s transfer page.

Features oF POp OS –

  • Auto-tiling for managing windows
  • Workspaces
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Stacking
  • Development Toolkits
  • Encryption
  • Pop!_OS does not collect or store any info from user installation.

Download Pop OS –

Parrot Os

I needed to give a contribution a minimum of one linux distro that will build our readers raise Associate in Nursing supercilium.It is a Debian based mostly distro that is created a reputation for itself as a penetration testing system. There in respect, it’s quite kind of like Kali UNIX operating system.

At an equivalent time, it’s not. Parrot OS comes with heaps of penetration testing and hacking tools in default, however solely in its Security edition. There’s also a Home edition meant as a daily driver and does not have already got the hacking utilities. However, it comes with a slew of parts and options that facilitate shield your privacy.

It has native access to Debian’s repos, suggesting you’ll install as regards something you need. Parrot’s flagship transfer with the MATE desktop surroundings is effortless on the eyes, creating it a joy to use. The Parrot developers say their distro is designed mainly for security specialists, engineering science and engineering students, researchers, applier hackers, code developers, journalists, and enforcement.

Features Of Parrot OS –

  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • A complete arsenal of security tools
  • A secure system ready to securely surf the web and privately communicate
  • Many resources to learn from, in order to make your skillset stronger.
  • A vast community of experts to help

Download Parrot OS –

Porteus –

You can use nearly all Linux distros from a USB drive.But Porteus is one of the few that’s been designed specifically for the USB boot.

The distro is obtainable in many different editions, every with a unique desktop atmosphere, and most weigh around three hundred MB. These square measures are designed to be used from removable, rewritable media like USB drives and sd cards. The distro boots up quick and permits persistent storage by default.

The only drawback is that the project isn’t often updated. Whereas it’s last stable unharness was in 2018, it’s still dead usable, and therefore the developers square measure presently performing on consequent major unharness.

Features Of Porteus OS –

  • Lightning-fast boot time
  • Can be run from USB Flash drives, CDROM’s,hard disks
  • Porteus is under 300 mb
  • Porteus is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

Download Porteus –


Manjaro Linux, or just referred to as Manjaro, could be an easy, open supply desktop OS that’s supported Arch Linux. The most objective within the development of Manjaro Linux is to produce an entire user-friendly Linux OS. it’s designed to be operated “straight from the word go” once put in with the assistance of its pre-installed package.

Some of its salient options that create Manjaro Linux standout from different Linux desktop distributions are intuitive and straightforward to use. Its easy installation system and the ability to find hardware mechanically in conjunction with numerous desktop configuration choices. It additionally comes with a stable rolling unleash model and contains special bash scripts to advanced desktop configuration talents and additionally for managing graphic drivers.

Manjaro is offered for transfer on its official website. However, there area unit many versions accessible. “Official” editions of Manjaro embrace either the Xfce, KDE, or GNOME desktop atmosphere. The “Community” editions feature either Cinnamon, Budgie, LXDE, or a slew of others.

Features Of Manjaro Linux –

  • Manjaro gives easy options to configure, change, remove or replace whatever you like.
  • It have Privacy,security and control of your computer.
  • Update when you want
  • You can easily install, update and remove packages from the system.
  • It have many language options
  • Manjaro supports multiple kernels

Download Manjaro –

Linux Mint

Linux Mint may be a vastly fashionable community-driven Linux distro supported Ubuntu. It’s transcended time to supply one in every of the foremost elegant and easy distributions fair-haired by desktop users and professionals alike. Despite the contention close the newest unharness – Mint twenty – dropping snap support by default, Mint remains a stable, robust, and outstanding Linux distribution.

Based on Ubuntu twenty.04 LTS, Mint twenty is offered in three desktop editions – Cinnamon, XFCE, and MATE editions. Mint has born support for 32-bit versions and is simply accessible in 64-bit. Below the hood, Linux Mint twenty rides on Linux kernel five.4 with new enhancements like improved support for AMD Navi twelve, Intel Tiger Lake CPU, and NVIDIA GPU. Also, the overall UI has received a revamp with polished icons, new themes, high-resolution background pictures, and a retouched taskbar.

New options embody Warpinator, which may be a file-sharing program that works in a computer network and an incomplete scaling feature for HiDPI displays to relish sharpy and crisp pictures. You may additionally get different applications for everyday use like Firefox, LibreOffice, Audacious music player, Timeshift, and spirit.

Features Of Linux Mint –

  • It is easy to use
  • It is based on Ubuntu and Debian
  • Linux Mint have best software manager
  • Linux mint require very little maintenance

Download Linux Mint –


Solus could be a general-purpose rolling unleash distro that may be used for all varieties of regular desktop tasks. It pitches itself as a perfect platform for developers.

On its website the distro advertises that it supports many advanced editors and integrated development environments (IDEs) like Atom, plan and Gnome Builder. Moreover, you’ll be able to additionally manage code in multiple version management systems like skunk, Bazaar, et al through graphical tools like GitKraken and git-cola.

The distro’s website additionally claims that the OS supports a variety of programming languages like Go, Rust, PHP, Node.js, and Ruby, and you’ll be able to transfer several different biological process tools and libraries from its repositories.

Features Of Solus –

  • Easily manage your document,music,videos and other files.
  • It comes with Firefox web browsers
  • It comes with variety of software
  • You can download software from its software center
  • Mange you email with thunderbird
  • Linux mint supports lower end devices
  • You can manage all programs using software manager

Download Solus OS –


Fedora contains a ton of options that build it excellent for developers. Red Hat maintains it. It introduces the latest Linux packages into the distro to check their stability before incorporating them into Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Fedora contains a digital computer and Server edition out there and a range of “spins” with totally different desktop environments preloaded. This makes trilby entirely customizable out of the box. Trilby pushes new versions of the system every six months. Thus this distro is usually moving. It offers developers sooner access to new software package than several alternative distros would.

Since trilby is that the upstream supply for RHEL, it conjointly contains a supreme influence over CentOS and Oracle Linux. Software package that works on trilby ought to virtually actually run well on these alternative server and enterprise category distributions – another and for developers.

Features Of Fedora –

  • It is reliable
  • It is user friendly
  • Fedora has many useful software
  • Virtual Desktop support
  • It has a huge community for support

Download Fedora –


Debian is far-famed for being a mother to standard UNIX system distributions like Deepin, Ubuntu, and Mint. This Linux distribution provided solid performance, stability, and unequaled user expertise.

The most recent stable release is Debian 10.5, Associate in the Nursing update of Debian ten conversationally called Debian Buster.

The Debian project provides over fifty-nine 000 code packages. It supports a good vary of PCs with every unleashes encompassing a broader array of system architectures.

It strives to strike a balance between innovative technology and stability. Debian provides three salient development branches: Stable, Testing, and Unstable.

The stable version, because the name suggests, is rock-solid, enjoys full security support; however, it doesn’t ship with the latest code applications. Notwithstanding, it’s ideal for production servers due to its stability and responsibility. Debian Stable is what you’d typically install on your system.

Debian Testing maybe a rolling unleash and provides the most recent code versions that square measure, however, to be accepted into the stable declare. It’s a development section of the subsequent stable Debian release. It’s typically fraught with instability problems and would possibly break. Also, it doesn’t get its security patches in a very timely fashion. The most recent Debian Testing unleash is Bullseye.

The unstable distro is that the active development section of Debian.

Overall, Debian is employed by many users due to its package-rich repository and, therefore, the stability it provides, particularly in production environments.

Features Of Debian –

  • It is easy to use
  • Debain is realiable
  • It is secure
  • Debian has extensive hardware support.
  • Debian provides smooth upgrades.
  • It has a huge community

Download Debian –

Best linux Distro List –

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Nitrux
  3. Pop!_OS
  4. Parrot Os
  5. Porteus
  6. Manjaro
  7. Linux Mint
  8. Solus
  9. Fedora
  10. Debian

This are some of the best linux distro that you can use.

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