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High Loot Locations In PUBG

High Loot Locations In PUBG :

Have you tired of finding high level,high damaging loots or you are looking for the best loot location in PUBG.Then this article is for you.Follow all the steps and location mentioned in the article to get High Percentage Loot.

High Loot Location In PUBG

If Erengel is your best option to fight,to show off some of your best PUBG skill then this location will really helpful for you.

Erengel Map High Loot Locations In PUBG :

1.Pochinki -High Risk,High Reward Loaction

2.School    -One of the most rewared place

3.Hospital – High Rewarded Place

4.Milta Power -Medium Risk,High Reward Place.Here you can also find the The “Flare GUN”

5.Georgopol   – High Risk,High Loot location.You can also find the “Flare Gun” here.

6.Shooting Range -Low Risk,High Reward Loaction

7.Yasnaya Polyana – Medium Risk,High reward location in PUBG

8.Primorsk -High Risk,High percentage of loot

9. Military Base -High Risk,High reward place in PUBG

10.Lipovka -Medium Risk,High Reward Location.One of the best place to find “Flare Gun”.

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