How To Make Linux Bootable USB Drive|Easiest Method

How To Make Linux Bootable USB Drive | Easiest Method:

The USB booting is a modern approach for installing any Operating system or use it a as live OS.The boot is a process of start a process of computer system.The Bootable USB enables computer hardware to use a USB storage to get all essential files and system booting information rather than the standard hard disk of the the CD drive.Here we discuss the steps to make a linux bootable drive.

An user can use a Bootable USB for installing any Operating System,live use or diagnose any booting error.Here we make linux bootable drive.The process of making a USB bootable is very easy.Just follow this simple steps.

Steps To Make Linux Bootable USB

Step One-

To make a Linux USB bootable drive we first need a software that makes thing easy.You can find many softwares on the internet.But here we choose win32 Disk imager,one of the most popular tool for writing iso images on USB sticks.

You can download this software from here
click here

Or you can simply google it.

Step Two-

Now install this software.You can choose a specific location.But we recommended you to install it on C Drive.Now choose a the setting or install it as it as by selecting default settings.


Linux Bootable Drive Software
USB Booting Software


Step Three-

Now plug in a USB stick.The recommended size for disk writing is 4 GB.So take at least 4 GB  USB drive.Now backup all your data from your drive if you already have any type of data on it.If you have new USB drive or a old one you have to format the drive on fat32 mode.If choose other option then you may get a error or your drive will not work as a bootable USB drive.


USB drive for booting
Linux Bootbale USB
Remember that after you write the image to the drive all your data on the USB drive will be delete.We already told you that you can write image file on the drive if it is already on fat32 format but it does not mean that you can access your saved data.So always backup your drive data before write a image file on it.
Point to note that we use the term image file.The ISO file that is the Operating System we install in our system also referred as a image file.

Step Four-

Now open the Win32 Disk Imager tool and choose your external drive that is your USB drive.The drive shows as a default drive to write.If not then you can choose the your preferred drive.
USB drive for booting

Step Five-

Now select the write option.The writing process will start.It will take some times.
USB drive booting
After completing the process exit the software.


Step Six-

Now restart the computer to use your bootable USB drive.
Restart Computer For Booting


Step Seven-

Press F9 for booting option.Some PC have other key for booting.Please check your manufacture manual to find the key for booting option.

OS Boot Manager
Windows Booting Option

Now Choose USB Hard Drive For Booting

USB Flash Booting
USB Booting On Windows

Step Eight-

Here we use Kali Linux For live use.By using this process you can also install any linux distribution or other operating system.Choose live option for use the live mode of the OS.

Linux Live Version
Kali Linux Live Use
Now you can use the live option.For more option or if you want to install the OS then you can restart the OS and again do the same steps.
Linux Operating System Booting


The Bootable USB helps use to install any OS or use the live version of the OS.This is a modern approach and many users prefer USB sticks over CD/DVD.This is a very fast and best way for installing any OS.

If you have know best tools that you have already use then please let us know by commenting bellow.If you find this useful then please share it with your friends.Thank You.

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