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How to open run in windows 10

How to open run in windows 10 :

Although now a days the most works in Windows PC accomplished by the graphical user interface.But in the old days the shortcut way to open  any program is run command.Popularly known as “The Run Box”.If you have trouble to find the run option in Windows 10 than this article is for you.

Follow This Steps To Open The Run Option

Step 1 :Click The Windows Icon On Your Left side of the screen.


Step 2 :Now click on the “run” option.

Windows Run Command

Step 3 :Now Type the program you want to open.

Run Command

If  You don’t have the run option and think How to add run command as a Windows 10 Start Menu Title then follow this steps.

The first is to access the Run command in its current location, buried in the Start Menu at All Apps > Windows System > Run.

The second is to start menu search option or cortana.Just type the run and you will get the option.

Once you have find run option via any of the above option simply right click and click pin to start.You will sea a new tile appear on the start menu.

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