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How to open task manager in Windows 10

How to open task manager in Windows 10 :

If you are looking for the task manager in Windows but you didn’t find where it is.Then this article is for you.

If you face some problem on your system or your system didn’t respond the quickest way is to open the Task Manager and resolve the issue.Windows Task Manager is the best option to view or end any process that makes the system slow or something that not responds.

The shortcut method is same in all the versions.Press clt+alt+dlt to open task manager.If your keyboard is not working or you have some other problem than you can simply right click on the Windows 10 icon on your system and open task manager.

STEP 1 :Right Click On Windows Icon


STEP 2 :Select Task Manager

Windows Task Manager

STEP 3 :You will get all the runing process.Choose The Process you want to check.

Task Manager

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