PUBG Best Assault Riffles

PUBG Best Assault Riffles :

M416 is one of the best and easy to use assault rifle in PUBG.It has decent amount of damage power and it accepts almost every attachment.

M416 Effective in all situations in PUBG with high firepower. Equip all attachments to increase damage & usability.


Groza is a rare drop found only in crates.But you can also find this on PUBG Arcade games.Assuming you are in the rang of your target then Groza is a perfect a choice.It is one of the most damage making assault riffle in PUBG.
By quite some margin it is one of the most powerful weapon in the PUBG but be aware it has some flaws.It has a 3 second reload timing without quick draw magazine.And have some attachment issues.If your target is far away from you it is difficult to shoot using a scope.

QBZ95 is one of the best assault riffle in Pubg.It has very good functionn compared to M416.It is easy to handle and has a decent amount of damage.It is also a good choice when accuracy of target is important.

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