PUBG Introduce New Attachment -Canted Sight

PUBG Introduce New Attachment -Canted Sight

Playerunknown’s BattleGround introduce new attachment that is Canted Sight.The new attachment is available on Vikendi Map.

Canted Sight allows users to quickly switch between the 1x Canted Sight and your normal upper rail sight. This gives users a direct advantage when switching between ranged and close quarters combat as they no longer have to lose vision of opponents to access their inventory and swap out sights.

Official Guide For PUBG Canted Sight Use

That means you can use red dot from closer range along with a scope for targeting enemies that far away from you.This attachment really become a game changer.Now you don’t need switching red dot and scope for targeting enemies.

This is really helpful for players.But the attachment has different move in different weapons.So please check before you looking for enemies.

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