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PUBG Introduce New Vehicle Zima For Vikendi

PUBG Introduce New Vehicle Zima For Vikendi :

Playerunknown’s Battleground has introduced their new feature taht is new vehicle for for Vikendi.PUBG has already introduce lot of new feature for Vikendi.Now they plan for a new vehicle name Zima.

Introducing the Zima, a 4-person vehicle coming exclusively to Vikendi.It may have a lower top speed than the snowmobile or snowbike, but the Zima boasts for much better cover and can tackle the snowy slopes with equal ease.

Zima is different vehicle for PUBG.Players have lot of vehicle options along with the specially crafted Snow Mobile.But this new vehicle has something different.It is use for squads and helps player for secure travel in the game.

This new vehicle is available now on Test Servers with PC Patch #26.

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