PUBG New Update Is Live Now:Know More

PUBG latest update for PC is live now.The PUBG new update comes with tone of new things.The new update have a devastating new handgun, an amphibious vehicle in the form of BRDM-2 with more damage resistance, and exploding fuel cans.

Pubg new update

A new ledge grab feature has also arrived with the latest PUBG update and it allows players to climb up the edge of roofs, fences, etc.

Another notable addition is the text-based Radio Message feature, which allows players to communicate without having to rely on voice chat.

The second major addition in PUBG new update is the Deagle, a handgun with the highest damage of any pistol in the game, alongside higher muzzle velocity. The Deagle can crack a level 3 helmet in two headshots and uses .45 ACP ammo while dealing 62 damage per shot. It will be spawned on all maps and is capable of fitting red-dot and holographic sights.

PUBG Patch Notes:

PUBG added more items to use your BP on, so in addition to making even more BP purchasable items in the future, we are creating more opportunities for you to earn the in-game currency with Survival Supply missions until the next Survivor Pass.

As for what’s landing in this update, awaiting players on the Battlegrounds are the .45 caliber hand cannon that is the Deagle, amphibious assault vehicle the BRDM-2 and an explosive new way to use an old favorite with explodable Gas Cans!

Gameplay is getting a big new feature with the addition of ledge grab, giving players the ability to navigate the Battlegrounds in a whole new way and forcing them to think strategically in entirely new dimensions, namely vertical.

Coordinating with global teammates is also getting a big step forward with the introduction of radio messages, short burst text communications for better identifying items, clarifying objectives and cooperating with teammates.

You’ll be able to find more details in the patch notes below on updates to Weapon Mastery, including XP bonus events, default pro-settings for custom matches, brightness options for each map and a whole lot more.

For more information visit the PUBG Official Site.

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