PUBG new vehicle BRDM

PUBG New Vehicle BRDM:Know More

PUBG has launched there new vehicle BRDM.The PUBG new BRDM vehicle has lots of advantages.It is powerful,flexible and a have hard body for protection.Most importantly it also have some drawbacks.It’s not allowed return fire,quite slow and can be down by heavy attacks by enemies.

Read more for getting a complete overview of the this PUBG new vehicle.

In the official page PUBG says-

“Players feeling froggy for a fight will now have the chance to call down an armor plated amphibious assault BRDM-2 by using the Flare Gun!”


  • BRDM-2 can only be called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun on all maps and it replaces the armored UAZ.
  • Over waterways or terrain, this amphibious vehicle increases your options to navigate firefights and the Battlegrounds themselves.
  • Best vehicle for traveling and counter bridge blockage.


  • BRDM-2’s total HP is 2500 and its health is twice as much as UAZ, while its gigantic, sturdy wheels cannot be damaged.
  • Powerful bulletproof vehicle that can reduce incoming damage such as ammunition based assaults as well as grenades and red zone damage.
  • BRDM-2 is an amphibious vehicle that can continue to ground travel on water, but players can’t shoot while on board.
  • It has a capacity of up to four players on board, and Its top water speed is 22km/h and top speed on the road is 102km/h when boosted.

In the previous updates PUBG has introduce many new vehicle.Mean while in this vehicle is complete different.This will give advantage to the squads.They can counter bridge blockage easily.But the vehicle is also slow and can be destroyed by heavy attacks.

Other Updates:


  • Added brightness options for each map
  • Brightness option are now changeable per map, to allow players more choice with each map’s unique visual characteristics.
  • A new option allows you to adjust brightness for each map individually.
  • You can also use the existing option to adjust brightness of all maps together.
  • Readability improved for parachute UI
  • For greater readability, the text outline of the parachute altitude and speed has been thickened.
  • Store UI improvement
  • Featured page has been added for the new Summer items.
  • Improved purchase button responsiveness
  • The clickable area of the purchase button has been made bigger so you can click the button more easily.
  • This should remove some frustration from having to click precisely to trigger a purchase.
  • Improved Survivor Pass in-game mission list UI
  • The in-game mission list UI has been improved to more clearly distinguish completed missions from and in-progress/uncompleted missions.


  • Buildings at short distance now load 30 to 40% faster through
  • optimization of level streaming (rendering).
  • Material data structure has been optimized.
  • Streaming (rendering) priority has been optimized through estimating of players’ movement route and allocating resource priority accordingly.
  • Furniture rendering speed has been optimized.
  • Level LOD data has been optimized.
  • Reduced delays which could occur when opening crates from the Store.

For more information visit the PUBG official website

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