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PUBG – Vikendi: New Feature – Moonlight

PUBG – Vikendi: New Feature – Moonlight :

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.11.0 comes with most waited Zombie Mode.PUBG also introduce new feature for Vikendin Map that is Moonlight Efffect.

PUBG Vikendi Moonlight Effect


According to the announcement,PUBG offers new setting Moonlight.But it is officially available only for Vikendi Map.  The moonlight effect is different then the night mode match on PUBG.Although the weather setting makes environment darker but the presence of Moonlight and bright aurora borealis effect help players to detect enemies.


In addition to the new weather setting, the update also introduces the new Canted Sight weapon attachment to allow players to utilize a secondary scope slot on certain weapons.This option helps player to use scope and red dot at the same time.
The new PUBG brings lots of new features that makes the game more interesting.
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