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WhatsApp has finally started to work on the Whatsapp Dark Mode for Android

WhatsApp has finally started to work on the Whatsapp Dark Mode for Android:

WhatsApp new beta version that is 2.19.82 have new features Darkmode.We have seen Dark Mode arrives in lots of apps and services like Google Chrome,Youtube,Facebook messenger,Google Drive and several other apps.Google it self is also trying to develop a system wide darkmode feature in Android Q.
WhatsApp Darkmode
WABetaInfo,the website that tracks the Whatsapp development reported that Whastapp is test the Darkmode feature in beta version.Although not all Beta user will get this feature.Some users now have the access of dark mode by updating the app to its Beta version.But the implimentation of this new feature hinting that Whatsapp Darkmode will launched soon in the official release.
WhatsApp has implemented the Dark Mode in Settings only, and the screenshots show the new mode applied in notifications settings, data and storage settings, chats settings, and even account settings.
The Beta feature is also available for iOS users.The feature will avaiable in the stable version after the official launch.
Here some of the screenshots shared by WABetaInfo

WhatsApp Main Settings

Whatsapp Darkmode Setting

WhatsApp Account Setting

whatsapp darkmode account settings

WhatsApp Notification

whatsapp notification settings

WhatsApp chat Settings

whatsapp chat settings

WhatsApp Data and Storage settings

Whatsapp darkmode settings

The website also says the darkmode is not under devlopment.It will take times for a official launch.If you already get the darkmode beta version on your iOS or Android you can simply share it on our facebook page Techiteasily.

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