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WhatsApp Is Going To Ban Users Who Use Modified Version Of The App

WhatsApp Is Going To Ban Users Who Use Modified Version Of The App:

If you use some of the modified version of the WhatsApp then it’s time take care of your account.Facebook Owned WhatsApp has been working to maintain security and privacy of its user.WhatsApp is a messeging App that offers lot of feature to its users.But there are some other third party app that modify the WhatsApp and add some extra feature.So many user download this third party modified WhatsApp for their daily use.
WhatsApp  New Rules For Modified Users Of Its App
As announced in a FAQ section,WhastApp displaying a warning message to the users who use this clone version and violating their terms and conditions.The messaging app is now banning users who are more inclined towards its clones than the official version.

The warning reads, Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.

The modified version have additional feature but they are often prone to security issues.For example the message can be read or stored by third party servers.That is direct thread to user privacy and security of the App.

Users who received the warning message have to uninstall the App and download the official WhatsApp to continue their account.However there is no information included that after login to official App user will get their chat history.

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