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Where to find flare gun

Where to find flare gun:

The PUBG flare gun is a special weapon that gives a chance to get some rare and powerful drops.This flare Gun guide help you to understand what is flare gun,how flare gun works and where you can find the flare gun.And the described information is tested.So it will help you get the flare gun and if you never had a chance use the flare gun or don’t know where you can find it than this guide help you.So read the all information to get that flare gun.

What is flare gun:

Flare Gun is a special weapon that comes with a design of a pistol.If you get this flare gun and fire it then you will get some rare drops like level 3 helmet,level 3 vest,awm and even another flare gun and lot more.

Here is a quick view of Flare Gun

  • It takes up a Pistol slot.
  • You’ll always find it alongside one Flare.
  • It’s ammo capacity is only enough for one Flare. You can’t fire off multiple shots here!
  • You can only carry one Flare Gun, but you can hold multiple Flares.
  • It does not deal any damage to enemies.

 Usage :

  • Fire it directly above you into the air.
  • If you don’t fire it up high, then the Flare won’t work.
  • All enemies across the map will be given a sound cue when this happens, and anyone with line of sight will be able to see the Flare hanging in the sky.
  • After a few seconds an airdrop will land close to where you fired off the Flare.
  • The “Flare drop” will always contain the equivalent of two normal airdrops. This means two weapons, ammunition for both, healing and armour items.

Where to find air drop?

The flare gun pretty powerful and rare gun.So you can’t find it easily.But as promised we are here to help you to find the A rank pistol flare gun.
Check this following places in Erengal Map
  • Shooting Range
  • Zharki
  • Military Base
  • Ferry Pier
  • School
  • Novorepnoye
  • North, South, East and West edges of the map
This places have the highest chances to find the flare gun.

The Flare Gun is a one of the best addition in the game by PUBG corporation.It makes the game more interesting and rush for this gun is really huge.We think this gun realy makes the difference.Because if you have the “flare gun” than you have the chance to get some of the rare air drops.
So did you find this guide helpful.Do you get or use this flare gun.Then comment on this post and also don’t forgot to mention what air drops you get and where.Share this article with your friends to know there opinions.To know more about PUBG Tricks and Tips then follow and bookmark us.

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