Windows 10 Now Automatically Uninstall Updates That Cause Problem On PC

Windows 10 Now Automatically Uninstall Updates That Cause Problem On PC :

Do you ever faced any problem after update your Windows 10.For normal user it is really little tricky to disable the automatic update in the Windows 10.The Windows 10 have some good security measures and Windows automatically installs updates to keep your device secure and running at peak efficiency. 
Windows Notw Automatically Fix Problematic Updates
But sometimes the PC not behave normally or system crash occurs after Windows update.
Occasionally, these updates can fail due to incompatibility or issues in new software.So Microsoft has addressed  this issue by adding a safety measurement for your system.From now onwards  Windows will automatically uninstall buggy software updates installed on your system that causes any problem to your system as stated in the official page of Microsoft.
If your system recovered from a start up problem then you will get this notification “We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure.”
If Windows detect any issue the Operating System will try to resolve the failure by uninstalling recently installed updates,which is only done when all automatic recovery attempts fail.
To ensure that your device can start up and continue running as expected, Windows will also prevent problematic updates from installing automatically for the next 30 days.This will give Microsoft and its partners the opportunity to investigate the failure and fix any issues. After 30 days, Windows will again try to install the updates.
However,If you believe that the updates in question should not have been uninstalled,Microsoft allows them to manually install driver or quality updates.
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